Genesis is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), an organization that promotes a healthier and a more responsible way of designing, building and maintaining buildings and communities.

While it has become fashionable for companies to proclaim they are Green-in the absence of legitimate certification programs it is simply a loose commitment. Genesis is currently pursuing Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification with International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). Int the interim, Genesis has taken the substantial steps to model ourselves after USGBC and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines that the certification is modeled after.
A few elements of our Green program are:
  • Utilize Green Seal certified cleaning Products
  • Vacuum with high-filtration systems, reducing allergens
  • Use micro fiber cloths, reducing the use of cleaning solutions, and improving air quality

In addition, with participation from tenants and property management, we can create a customized Green program for your property.


Genesis offers complimentary consultation for janitorial clients working towards LEED certification. Embracing Green initiatives is a collaborative effort requiring enthusiasm, dedication, and many times a change in views and behavior. We will work closely with your team to make the transition, and will help to implement programs such as carpet maintenance, recycling, and composting. Genesis is committed to helping customers make a difference and will help you implement smart, cost-effective programs that will improve the overall health of your environment.